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CALLED UP: The Emmett Ashford Story is a one-hour documentary about Major League Baseball's first African American umpire.  Ashford made it to the Major League in 1966 after toiling 15-years in the minor leagues.  During the journey, he faced prejudice and racism.  His energetic and entertaining style eventually made him one of the most popular umpires in the game.  
Hall of Famers Tommy Lasorda, legendary umpire Doug Harvey, announcer Dick Enberg, MLB’s first African American crew chief umpire Kerwin Danley, Ashford's daughter Adrienne Bratton, along with other baseball notables and fans of Ashford have been interviewed for the documentary. 
The film is produced by the filmmaking team of Raymond Bell and Doug Harris (Five Bellz Entertainment and Doug Harris Media). Bell is an Emmy Award winning producer with over 30 years of experience in the television industry. Doug Harris is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker who has produced and directed over twenty documentaries dating back to 1999.    
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